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Heavy Truck Repair

Specializing in heavy truck repair, we have the tools and expertise to handle the unique challenges that come with large commercial vehicles. From engine overhauls to transmission repairs, we provide comprehensive solutions that get your heavy trucks back on the road safely and efficiently. Our commitment to quality ensures that your fleet remains reliable, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Diesel Repair

Diesel engines power the backbone of heavy-duty trucks, and our diesel repair services are tailored to keep these engines running efficiently. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of diesel systems, from fuel injection to turbocharging. Whether you're dealing with performance issues, fuel efficiency concerns, or any other diesel-related problem, we have the know-how to diagnose and address issues, ensuring your diesel-powered fleet operates at peak performance.

Air Conditioning

In the sweltering heat or freezing cold, a functional air conditioning system is crucial for driver comfort. Our air conditioning services cover everything from routine maintenance to complex repairs. Whether it's a refrigerant recharge or fixing a faulty compressor, our technicians are equipped to ensure your trucks' climate control systems operate optimally, contributing to a comfortable and safe driving environment.


The alternator is a critical component in a truck's electrical system, and our alternator services are designed to address any issues that may arise. From diagnostics to replacements, we have the expertise to keep your electrical systems charging effectively, preventing unexpected breakdowns and ensuring the reliability of your fleet.


Brake safety is paramount, and our brake services cover a comprehensive range of maintenance and repair needs. From routine brake inspections to brake pad replacements and hydraulic system repairs, we prioritize the safety of your drivers and the longevity of your trucks. Trust us to keep your braking systems in top condition.

Computer Diagnostics

Modern trucks rely heavily on electronic systems, and our computer diagnostics services leverage advanced technology to identify and address issues accurately. Our technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to pinpoint problems with engine performance, transmission, and other critical systems, ensuring efficient and precise repairs.

Safety Checkup and Safety Stickers

Safety is our priority, and our safety checkup services include thorough inspections to identify potential issues before they become major problems. We also provide safety stickers for both 36-day and annual inspections, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and giving you peace of mind regarding the roadworthiness of your fleet.


Our muffler and exhaust services cover everything from routine inspections to complete exhaust system replacements. A properly functioning exhaust system is crucial for engine performance and emission control. Trust us to keep your trucks running quietly and efficiently with our expert muffler and exhaust services.

ABS Repair

Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) are integral to modern trucks' safety features. Our ABS repair services ensure that these systems function correctly, preventing wheel lockup and maintaining steering control during braking. From ABS diagnostics to repairs, our technicians have the expertise to keep your ABS in optimal condition.

PM Inspections

Preventive Maintenance (PM) inspections are a proactive approach to identifying and addressing potential issues before they lead to breakdowns. Our comprehensive PM inspections cover all essential components, from fluids to filters, ensuring the reliability and longevity of your trucks.


Paint - Chassis Paint, RIM Paint

Beyond mechanical repairs, we offer professional paint services to enhance the aesthetic appeal and protect the longevity of your trucks. Chassis paint and RIM paint services not only improve the visual appearance but also safeguard against rust and corrosion, preserving the integrity of your vehicles.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are fundamental to the health of any engine. Our oil change services are efficient and thorough, using high-quality oils and filters to ensure optimal engine performance and longevity. Trust us to keep your fleet on a regular oil change schedule, preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your engines.


A well-maintained cooling system is essential for preventing engine overheating. Our radiator services include inspections, repairs, and replacements to keep your trucks running at the right temperature. From fixing leaks to replacing damaged radiators, we address cooling system issues promptly.


A smooth ride and stable handling are dependent on a properly functioning suspension system. Our shocks and suspension services cover diagnostics, repairs, and replacements to ensure driver comfort and safety. Trust us to address issues with shocks, struts, and other suspension components effectively.

Tire Changes

Tires are a critical component for safety and fuel efficiency. Our tire change services include routine rotations, replacements, and repairs. We offer a range of tire options to meet the specific needs of your fleet, ensuring optimal traction and longevity.

Trailer Repair

In addition to truck repairs, we specialize in comprehensive trailer repair services. From structural fixes to brake system maintenance, our technicians have the expertise to keep your trailers in optimal condition, ensuring the safety and reliability of your entire fleet.



Regular tune-ups are essential for maintaining engine efficiency and preventing issues before they arise. Our tune-up services cover a comprehensive checklist, addressing spark plugs, filters, and other key components. Trust us to keep your fleet performing at its best with our thorough tune-up services.

Scheduled Maintenance

Our scheduled maintenance services are tailored to the unique needs of your fleet. We work with you to develop a customized maintenance schedule, addressing routine inspections, fluid changes, and other preventive measures. By staying ahead of potential issues, we ensure the longevity and reliability of your trucks.